Der Vorstand von
setzt sich zusammen aus:

Joachim Bullmann,
Reiner Wittorf,
Marion Hebding,
Helmut Polzer
und Bernd Schulze.


About us Über uns

ZukunftPlus e. V. is a supporter of publicly sponsored measures for vocational education and training. On behalf of public, we support young people and adults, in their daily professional training. Furthermore we conduct pre-employment activities and maintain close contact with the employment agencies and other public institutions.

Further priorities of our performance include the structure of networking between companies in the transport sector, promotion of cross-border training programs, as well as ensuring a qualified and market -oriented training organization.

Our corporate philosophy

  • We empower young people, to care for themselves and enable their contribution for the welfare system in Germany.
  • We recruit people without vocational initial qualification and qualify them for entry into the labor market.
  • We assist people in biographical transitional situations, from school to work and while seekin´ their first job.
  • We support our partners in the implementation of its strategic objectives.
  • We use synergy and network effects for the efficient use of fundings.
  • Our management system is influenced by the performance of our employees.